Named the non-obvious benefits of airplane mode in the phone

Cyberexpert Gulevich: the function of the airplane mode in the smartphone will help to "escape" from scammers

MOSCOW, Feb 17 – PRIME. The airplane mode function in a smartphone can be useful not only during a flight, but also in everyday life, Viktor Gulevich, director of the Competence Center for Information Security of T1 Group, told the Prime agency.

First of all, this way you can save the battery of your smartphone.

“In areas with limited cellular coverage, the device searches for a network and discharges. To avoid this, just turn on airplane mode,” the expert advises. The same action must be performed if you want to quickly charge your phone.

By turning off and on the “airplane” you can restore the cellular signal. After performing this action, the device will start searching for the nearest tower again.

With Airplane Mode, you can stop downloading web content from fraudulent sites if a person clicks on a spoofed link from a message or chat. But do not forget to turn off Wi-Fi beforehand so that the device does not search for a network.

And finally, airplane mode blocks GPS signals so no one can track your location, Gulevich concluded.

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