Live in Bengbu! The back of the iPhone 18 Pro looks like a planetary engine

Mobile China News] Pay attention to the mobile phones released by Apple in recent years , and you will find that the camera on the back of the iPhone is getting thicker and thicker. Without the mobile phone case, it looks like a small camera from the side. Of course, it makes sense for Apple to design this way. The larger and thicker the lens, the stronger the image quality. This is the stacking method of Android phones, which is clumsy but also very effective.

Have you ever wondered what the back design of the iPhone 15 , iPhone 16, and even iPhone 18 that   will be released in the future will look like? Someone not only thinks for you, but also draws it for you.

  Recently, a digital blogger shared a picture made by a “devil” on Weibo. It is an evolution map of the back design of the previous iPhones. Starting from the iPhone 14 Pro, the back shape of each generation of iPhone Pro models has gradually become outrageous. Up until the iPhone 18 Pro, the back has become a planetary engine. Some netizens joked that, by analogy, the iPhone 100 series is a pyramid.

These are all masterpieces of netizens, and the iPhone is certainly not designed like this. Generally speaking, manufacturers will miniaturize mobile phone cameras to meet the thickness requirements of smartphones .

  The shape of the iPhone released in recent years has indeed not changed much. The biggest changes are the right-angle frame design of the iPhone 12 series and the smart island design of the iPhone 14 Pro. However, the overall shape of the upcoming iPhone 15 series this year may not change drastically. The Smart Island may be called standard configuration, and the USB-C interface will also be used instead.

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