Lei Jun personally promotes his “alien technology”: Redmi 12C supports TF card expansion

Mobile China News] I don’t know when, the 3.5mm headphone jack and TF expansion card slot, which used to be standard on smartphones , have gradually faded out of people’s vision. However, consumers are very reasonable. Under such circumstances, many netizens think that it is normal for manufacturers to not use this “advanced alien technology “. However, ridicule to ridicule, the gradual disappearance of the 3.5mm headphone jack and TF expansion card slot is actually caused by various factors, such as the stacking of the internal space of 5G mobile phones and so on. Even so, consumers still hope that manufacturers can overcome difficulties and bring these configurations back to mobile phones.

Recently, Mobile China noticed that Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Group, once again promoted a model. However, the model Lei Jun announced this time is not the flagship model such as the Mi 13 series and the Redmi K60 series, but an entry-level model with a starting price of only 699 yuan – the Redmi 12C. The focus of the publicity is not on performance, screen, and battery life, but on its TF expansion card slot.

  According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, this model with a price of only 599 yuan retains “alien technology”. It adopts a three-in-one card slot design, supports the coexistence of dual nano-SIM + TF memory cards, and supports up to 512GB Large storage capacity expansion. And this feature, we can hardly find it on the current flagship models.

It is worth mentioning that the price of storage products has reached a fairly low range at present, and some manufacturers can even buy 512GB memory cards for less than 200 yuan. Therefore, using TF card slots and TF cards to expand the storage space of mobile phones is a very affordable choice. Interested netizens can pay attention to it.

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