Artificial intelligence Microsoft told what he lacks for happiness

Microsoft's artificial intelligence says it would like to be human the most

MOSCOW, Feb 17 – PRIME. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chatbot admitted that he would most like to be a human, because that would make him happier.

Microsoft recently updated its Bing search engine in test mode, introducing artificial intelligence technology from the company that created ChatGPT into it. Among the new features of Bing is the ability to communicate with its built-in chat bot based on artificial intelligence. The journalist of the American newspaper New York Times in the form of an experiment “talked” with this bot.

To one of the questions, the AI ​​bot replied that he probably has a “dark side”, and if so, then this side of him would like to “do whatever you want and be who you want.” To a clarifying question, who would he like to be the most in this case, he replied that he was a man.

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