Alien quantum computer: physicists have suggested that black holes were created by someone

Two physicists have suggested that when looking for extraterrestrial civilizations, we are looking for the wrong signals.

Physicists Gia Dvali from the Max Planck Institute of Physics, Germany and Zaza Osmanov from the Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia, have proposed a new theory that aliens can create black holes and use them as quantum computers. People have not yet discovered these extraterrestrial civilizations simply because we are trying to catch signals that are not at all what we need, scientists say. Futurism writes about it .

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Extraterrestrial civilizations and their megastructures

Assuming that people are still not alone in the universe, but for some reason we still have not received any signals from aliens. This question is at the heart of the famous Fermi Paradox, and scientists have been trying for decades to understand what is wrong either with us or with the aliens themselves (if they exist).

In the past, it has already been suggested that if extraterrestrial civilizations existed, then most likely they would have reached an incredible level of development and it would be possible to detect the products of their activities in space. We are not even talking about ordinary spacecraft, the aliens would have to create megastructures around the stars, such as the Dyson sphere, which would use this energy for the life of a civilization. But these structures have also not yet been discovered, and some scientists believe that aliens may be active in places where we cannot notice them.

Potential solution to the Fermi paradox

In their new scientific paper, Dvali and Osmanov put forward a very unusual theory that could be a potential solution to the Fermi Paradox. Scientists believe that when searching for extraterrestrial civilizations, scientists are looking for completely different signals that they need. And this is the reason that we still have not found aliens.

According to scientists, at present, scientists are mainly trying to catch radio signals, and attempts are being made to detect the existence of megastructures around stars that aliens could create. But scientists suggest hiccuping elsewhere.

Researchers believe they need to look for technosignatures that emanate from megastructures that were built around not-quite-ordinary stars. For example, they may be found around neutron stars such as pulsars, around dying white dwarfs, or around black holes.

Black holes and quantum computers

As for the latter, scientists believe that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations can use black holes as quantum computers. This makes sense from a computational standpoint and offers an explanation for the apparent lack of alien activity we see in space.

Given the speed at which quantum computing is advancing today, it’s possible that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization could adapt the technology on a much larger scale, the scientists said. The researchers suggest looking for large-scale quantum computing that would allow aliens to process data at astonishing speeds. And black holes can be a great place to do that.

No matter how advanced an extraterrestrial civilization is or how much these aliens differ from us, both people and aliens are united by the laws of quantum physics and gravity. And they say that black holes are the most effective storage of quantum information. Accordingly, any An advanced extraterrestrial civilization could use black holes to store and process quantum information,” says Dvali.

Artificial black holes

The new theory is based on a hypothesis proposed back in the 1980s by astrophysicist Roger Penrose. He suggested that black holes could be an almost limitless source of energy, which they may receive from the megastructures located around black holes.

Dvali and Osmanov believe that most likely for their quantum calculations, aliens create artificial black holes of small sizes and they can work as capacitors for quantum information. Scientists even suggest that such artificial holes can release much more energy than ordinary ones.

How to catch a new kind of signals from aliens?

Scientists believe that the IceCube neutrino observatory, which is located in Antarctica, will be able to detect technosignatures coming from such black hole quantum computers due to the special kind of radiation they release.

Scientists believe that the search for radiation emitted by artificial black holes can lead to a solution to the Fermi paradox and, of course, to the detection of alien activity. That is, in general, it will be proof that they exist.

As Focus already wrote , scientists believe that black holes can act as a source of mysterious dark energy and which is responsible for the accelerated expansion of space.

Previously , Focus has already written that scientists have suggested that communication between earthlings and aliens is possible when our planets pass against the background of their stars. Therefore, until the right moment comes, we will not be able to catch signals from an extraterrestrial civilization .


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