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This is how a medium-sized Bavarian company became a sleuth of the chip industry

With its troubleshooting systems, Lauterbach makes a decisive contribution to the semiconductor industry. Big names buy from the company - and ensure lavish profits.

Höhenkirchen Nowhere is the success of Lauterbach GmbH more impressive than in the post office of the medium-sized company. The names of the world’s best-known chip manufacturers are emblazoned on the labels of the packages. The shipments go to Silicon Valley, are destined for customers in Dresden or in Taiwan or Malaysia.

Lauterbach supplies so-called debuggers and thus makes a small but decisive contribution to the chip industry: The systems of the family company from the Munich area detect errors in the software of new components. This saves customers a lot of time and, above all, a lot of money. Because it is horrendously expensive to change the semiconductors once mass production is up and running in the multi-billion dollar factories.

From Intel to Nvidia to Qualcomm , the world’s largest and best-known chip companies buy test equipment and the associated software from Bayern.

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