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These German car brands fail the US study

Software failures and other breakdowns: A study gives Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen a devastating quality certificate. A German premium brand comes in third from last.

New York Disappointing news for German automakers comes from the renowned analyst firm JD Power from Michigan, which publishes its “Vehicle Dependability Study” once a year . All manufacturers have great respect for the findings on the reliability and repair susceptibility of the car brands sold in the USA , as they are considered an important indicator of the industry.

The results this year are sobering, especially for cars from German manufacturers. Lexus, Genesis, Kia, Buick and Chevrolet are in the top five most reliable brands, i.e. those with the fewest production errors and breakdowns per 100 vehicles . The European and German companies are far behind in the lower places, only BMW is just above the industry average.


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