The release of the console hit Returnal on PC turned into a failure

Gamers ignored the release of the console exclusive Returnal on Steam

Steam released the game Returnal, which had been exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for almost two years.

On Metacritic, the PC version of Returnal received a score of 87 out of 100 based on 20 reviews, which is a testament to the game’s high quality. However, positive feedback from journalists failed to attract a large audience to the project.

It follows from SteamDB statistics that on February 15, the day Returnal was released on PC, only a few thousand gamers were seduced by the novelty – at the peak of the online game, it reached only 5.7 thousand people. By comparison, Hogwarts Legacy had 900,000 concurrent players during its prime hours, almost 200 times more than Returnal.

At the same time, the online of the former Sony exclusive continues to fall. As of the morning of February 16, Returnal online is less than 3 thousand people.

If we evaluate the success of Sony titles on PC online in the early days, Returnal will be in second place from the bottom. Only Sackboy: A Big Adventure launched earlier than Returnal, which managed to attract only 610 players at its peak on the first day.

Earlier, Gazeta.Ru wrote that an advertisement for the Russian game Atomic Heart appeared in Times Square.

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