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The Ministry of Digital Development told how you can confirm your identity in everyday situations

The Ministry of Digital Transformation reported that the "Confirmed Photo" service appeared on "Gosuslugakh"

MOSCOW, Feb 15 – PRIME. The “Confirmed Photo” service has appeared in the “Gosuslugi” mobile application, which stores photos from a new type of international passport in the personal account, according to a message published on the telegram channel of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

“Confirmed photo” is a new service in the mobile application “Gosuslugi”. It will help in simple situations when you need to show your passport or verify your age, for example, in a store or at the entrance to an office. Uploading a verified photo is easy: all you need is a new passport and a smartphone with an NFC module. For now, the service is operating in experimental mode.

To create a confirmation photo, you need to enter the mobile application, go to the “documents” section and click on the “add photo” banner, indicating the series and number of the passport. Next, you need to scan the photo by attaching the phone to the plastic page of the passport.

The “Verified Photo” function is available without Internet access. In the future, instead of a photo from a passport, it will be possible to upload selfies as a “trusted photo”, the message says.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the FSB agreed on a technology that will allow holders of biometric passports not to go to the MFC and receive all services electronically, the head of the ministry Maksut Shadayev said earlier on Wednesday at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the Cabinet of Ministers.

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