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Study: Europe’s alternative protein start-ups are bucking the trend

The global hype about alternative proteins seems to be cooling off, but European start-ups are able to attract more investment. The continent has some catching up to do.

Berlin Germans are increasingly giving up meat: According to a survey by the non-profit Good Food Institute (GFI), around a fifth now consume meat alternatives at least once a week. However , the major suppliers of these alternative proteins have so far mostly not come from Europe .

That could now slowly change. While global investments in meat alternatives fell by 44 percent to 2.7 billion euros in 2022, European start-ups in this area were able to collect even more money than in the previous year. Investments increased by 24 percent to 579 million euros, the Good Food Institute calculated based on surveys by the data provider Pitchbook. This also reflects a catch-up effect, the GFI reports.


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