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Schaeffler makes the bicycle chain superfluous

Electric cargo bikes could do without a bicycle chain in the future. The suppliers Schaeffler and Heinzmann are bringing a bike-by-wire drive into series production.

Bühl The Free Ride bike-by-wire drive presented by the automotive supplier Schaeffler in 2021 will be on the road in Germany this year . One of the first customers is CIP Mobility GmbH, which will roll out the new pedelec drive concept with the Mocci fleet bike.

Unlike a classic pedelec pedal drive, the Free Ride solution does not have a mechanical connection between the pedals and the drive wheel. Rather, a generator developed by Schaeffler is used on the pedal axle , which ensures even resistance on the pedal and also absorbs the pedaling power. The electricity generated is used directly to drive the electric motor.

If there is excess energy, this can be stored in a battery, as can electricity generated by recuperation, and used for propulsion if necessary.

Schaeffler: Bike-by-Wire reduces maintenance costs


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