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Russians warned of new ChatGPT-related scam trick

Expert Selekhina: scammers came up with a new way to deceive Russians related to ChatGPT

MOSCOW, Feb 15 – PRIME . Russian attackers have begun creating phishing resources disguised as ChatGPT account selling services, said Diana Selekhina, head of the digital threat analysis group at RTK-Solar cybersecurity company.

She noted that in recent years there has been a massive emergence of resources offering Russian users to buy a ChatGPT account for little money.

“And if last December only 3 domains associated with ChatGPT were registered in Russian domain zones, then in January there were already 17 such domains, and in the first weeks of February – 41 … Of course, not all sites are phishing, some are really intended for sales of accounts, but in general, the level of malicious activity around ChatGPT is now extremely high,” the RTK-Solar press service quoted the expert as saying.

According to Selekhina, in the case of fake sites selling accounts, the user risks both payment data and other confidential information. In general, this fraudulent scheme is standard, it’s just that a new newsbreak is being used.

“There is a second direction of using ChatGPT for illegal purposes. Here, the neural network itself becomes an applied tool for attackers. Thus, many cases of using the neural network to write malware, create phishing email templates and scripts for communicating with potential victims have been recorded. The creators of ChatGPT are trying to deal with such options use of their product, but attackers come up with ways to circumvent restrictions,” the expert emphasized.

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, gained popularity after its launch in late November, reaching its first million users in less than a week. Its imitation of human conversation has sparked speculation that it could supplant professional writers and even become a threat to Google’s core search business. Elon Musk is one of the founders of OpenAI. At the end of January, Microsoft announced that it was investing “billions of dollars” in OpenAI.

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