Reduced-calorie cookies created in Russia to support liver health

Scientists of the Russian University of Economics G.V. Plekhanov developed a method for the production of cookies with the addition of milk thistle extract for the liver. This was reported to Gazeta.Ru at  the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation .

Milk thistle is a medicinal plant that promotes the repair of liver cells and protects them from the effects of toxins. Usually milk thistle is used for the prevention of liver diseases, as well as for cleansing this organ after large medicinal courses.

The developed cookie recipe provides for the “recovery” of melange (egg semi-finished product) and dough kneading on milk thistle extracts. The composition of the new product includes proteins and substances with antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating and antidepressant properties.

“Food proteins serve as practically the only source of amino acid replenishment and ensuring the balance of protein synthesis and breakdown processes in the body. Since flour confectionery products are invariably in high demand among the population, it is their enrichment with deficient macronutrients that is promising, ”one of the authors of the development, deputy head of the Research Institute of Food Security of the Russian University of Economics named after. G.V. Plekhanov Manana Tkeshelashvili.

Dessert contains 1.7 times more protein, and its calorie content is 1.6 times less than similar products.

According to the scientists, the method was developed taking into account the existing machine-hardware schemes in the production, and its implementation will not require additional costs or reduce the productivity of the lines.

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