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New printed vertebral implants for import substitution created in Russia

Russian startup Pozvonoq has created its first printed implants to replace spinal tissue. This was reported by the press service of the North-West Nanocenter, to which the startup belongs.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from spinal diseases, and in Russia alone, about 40,000 operations are performed a year to solve these problems. In the most severe cases, part of the tissue is replaced with artificial implants. As a rule, in Russia, imported products are used for this, including cages. Cages are puck-like implants that replace the intervertebral disc after it has been removed due to degenerative disc disease.

Now Pozvonoq received from Roszdravnadzorcertificate for 10 lines of intervertebral cages, designed for both the upper and lower spine. The developed cages have a high survival rate of the implantable device. The three-dimensional mesh integrated into the structure of the product provides strong biomechanical support for the elements of the spine and a high degree of osseointegration – the germination of the patient’s bone tissue into the implant. Due to this, the overall rehabilitation period in the postoperative period is reduced and the percentage of implant rejection is reduced. In addition, the new cages have a large dimensional grid of standard products, which leaves a wide range of options for choosing the required implant model: in shape and dimensions, in methods of surgical access to the operated area.

When mass production is launched, Pozvonoq cages will allow import substitution of up to 20 percent of imported implants for spinal surgery.

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