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Huawei Music uses AI to write 10 love songs for users on Valentine’s Day

  [ Mobile China News] This year’s Valentine’s Day “trash can” inexplicably rushed into the trending searches. If no one sends flowers, then go to the trash can to pick them up. I have to say that this year’s netizens will play. On this Valentine’s Day, Huawei Music also played new tricks, using AI to write 10 love songs for users, and made a HiMix Valentine’s Day music special for users to listen to. The point is that 10 designers from different fields were invited to draw covers for these AI-created songs, and each of the 10 covers is different. No matter how far technology goes, love is the original intention and the destination. I have to say that you understand romance in Huawei Music.

  After listening to the songs created by AI, I was also shocked. I couldn’t tell that it was sung by AI at first, and even asked a few colleagues around me, but I couldn’t tell. In terms of lyrics, soundtrack and singing rhythm, AI’s performance is very good. It is no exaggeration to say that it may be better than most people’s songs. May wish to imagine, if Huawei Music can create exclusive songs for users with AI at any time in the future, then the emotions that belong to everyone will be expressed in a deeper level, and it may be the most technological and emotional for lovers and friends. gift.

  From the perspective of industry and experience, AI has many applications in the industry at present, but there are not many applications in music. The AI ​​music creation of Huawei Music can be said to provide new inspiration for music creation. It is understood that for the 10 songs this time, AI directly completed the lyrics-arrangement-singing-mixing process. If people were to create, this series of processes would take a lot of time and energy, and it would be handed over to AI. , are saved. Faced with the music created by AI, users can listen to it, collect it, and share it with one click. Huawei music members can also download and save it and set personalized ringtones , which is very playable.

Prior to this, Huawei Music also launched the “2022 Private Customization” event, combining the user’s annual listening report with AI song creation technology, leading users to experience a warm and full of memories and a sense of technology. In the end, nearly ten million users obtained exclusive AI songs, which actually laid the foundation for this Valentine’s Day AI song creation.

  From the 2022 private order at the beginning of the year to the 10 love songs on Valentine’s Day, they all demonstrate the AI ​​technology capabilities behind Huawei’s music. It is an organic combination of technology, emotion and music, or a bold attempt. In addition to the strength of AI technology, Huawei Music also cooperates with global copyright companies to provide tens of millions of music libraries and hundreds of millions of audio radio content, and create extraordinary sound quality experience for users through Hi-Res high-resolution music. At present, Huawei Music has been connected to 15 types of related terminal products and services including mobile phones, smart cockpits, smart speakers , and earphones . Users can enjoy the fun of high-quality music in different scenarios through different devices.

Behind this is actually the audio streaming technology of Huawei Music, which allows high-quality music and massive audio content to be “relayed” on different terminals such as mobile phones, earphones, and smart watches , completely solving the problem of limited convenience in cross-scenario experience. Let the listening needs of fragmented time be better met. If you haven’t listened to the Valentine’s Day song created by AI, try it out by opening Huawei Music, and feel the romance and tenderness brought by technology immersively.

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