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Google boss Sundar Pichai has to change course in the competition with Microsoft

The search engine giant gets bogged down in its competition with Microsoft, and the wave of layoffs ends in chaos. Maybe that's one misjudgment too many.

Things are not going well for the world’s largest search engine operator, Google . Parent company Alphabet loses more than $100 billion in stock market value in a matter of days. Google reacted to a search engine from rival Microsoft that had been expanded by AI functions with a completely botched presentation . But not only in competition with Microsoft does Google present a sad picture.

Even the biggest wave of layoffs in the company’s history is chaotic. 12,000 jobs or six percent of the workforce will be cut. This has never happened before in the company’s history. But the problem is not the number, but how the reduction is implemented. Important specialists from many teams were shown the door overnight. They lost access to all systems. Handovers were hardly possible.

CEO Sundar Pichai is in distress. And if he doesn’t tackle the problems with determination now, it’s likely to get tight for him.

Alphabet layoffs cost billions


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