Flash into a film! Honor Magic 5 helps you “escape from the tiger’s mouth”

Mobile China News] According to the research data of relevant organizations, in the Chinese smartphone market in 2022 , Honor will be the second-ranked manufacturer in terms of market share, ahead of many other competitors. Moreover, among the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers in the Chinese market, Honor is rare. Compared with manufacturers whose shipments will increase in 2021, this is very rare. In addition, Mobile China also noticed that in addition to the Chinese market, Honor seems to be focusing on overseas markets in 2023. Currently, Honor has officially announced that it will release the Magic 5 series at MWC Barcelona on February 27 .

On February 15th, Mobile China noticed that Honor officially released a warm-up promotional video for the Honor Magic 5 series. What is different from the previous ones is that the official promotion of Honor this time is the night shooting capability of the Honor Magic5 series. However, the way it is advertised is very interesting. The promotional video allows the Honor Magic5 series and ordinary mobile phones to shoot a tiger at night at the same time. Among them, the ordinary mobile phone cannot detect the tiger in time because of the long exposure time of night shooting, but the Honor Magic5 series can “flash into a film to help you escape from danger.” “. However, some netizens think that when you meet a tiger, it is better to practice the magical skill of “sliding shovel” instead of pulling out your mobile phone to take pictures.

 Judging from the recent official promotion of Honor, the new Honor Magic 5 series should have a very powerful image, and at the same time have a better user experience in terms of performance and screen. Boosting the growth of Honor’s market share, but the specific situation, we still need to wait for the official announcement.

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