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Doctors called the type of sugar that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

Scientists from the University of Oxford found out whether the types of carbohydrates consumed affect the state of the cardiovascular system. The study was published in  the journal BMC Medicine.

Previous studies have shown that the amount of carbohydrates consumed does not affect the state of the cardiovascular system, but their quality does. Scientists divided carbohydrates into fiber, free and non-free sugars. Free sugars are not found inside the cells of the food you eat, such as in fruit juices and some smoothies.

The researchers looked at data from more than 100,000 people who spoke about their diet. During the study period, 8.5 thousand people were found to have cardiovascular diseases.

As it turned out, a higher intake of free sugar from foods such as sugary drinks, fruit juices and sweets was associated with an increased risk of all diseases. At the same time, taking five grams more fiber per day was associated with reduced risks.

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