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Biologists have extended the life of mice by 10% with a cancer drug

Scientists from the University of Auckland have extended the life of mice by 10% with the help of an experimental drug. The study is published in  Nature Aging .

The researchers divided healthy middle-aged experimental mice into two groups: the first fed as usual, and the second took the drug alpelisib with food. Animals received the drug throughout their lives, starting at one year. By the end of the study, mice from the first group lived for almost three years – 10% longer than those who did not take the drug.

In addition, they had fewer health problems, as well as being stronger and better coordinated, all indicative of healthier aging. However, the drug cannot yet be used in humans, as it has been associated with bone loss in mice.

The drug is already used in the treatment of certain diseases, including cancer. Alpelisib inhibits the activity of the PI-3-kinase enzyme, the activity of which is increased in many types of cancer. Scientists do not yet know exactly how the drug helped prolong the life of animals.

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