The State Duma proposed to include information about volunteers and rear services in history textbooks

From September 1, Russian schoolchildren will begin to study the course of the special military operation in  Ukraine and its goals. Olga Zanko , Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Development of Civil Society, addressed the head of the Ministry of Education, Sergei Kravtsov , with a proposal to include the activities of volunteers and rear servicemen, including doctors, builders, employees of defense enterprises and military correspondents, in the section on NVO in history textbooks, writes ” Parliamentskaya Gazeta” with a link to the corresponding letter.

“It is important for the younger generation to talk about this so that they have role models. Therefore, the new section on the NWO should contain such information,” the deputy stressed.

She also noted that today there are thousands of volunteers in the NWO zone, delivering humanitarian aid, evacuating people, treating the wounded and restoring housing. At the same time, Russian military correspondents are carrying out their professional duty at the forefront at the risk of their lives, Zanko added.

In addition to schoolchildren, the goals of the special operation in Ukraine, sanctions pressure on  the Russian Federation and the entry of new subjects into Russia will also be studied by students of Russian universities.

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