Russian mobile operators are testing equipment from little-known brands

Russian cellular operators have begun testing telecommunications equipment manufactured by little-known foreign companies – in general, it meets almost all the requirements of operators, but the question arises of its compatibility with already installed equipment.


In addition, these foreign manufacturers are exploring the possibility of investing in improving their own solutions for Russian customers, taking into account Russian conditions, but will try not to advertise their cooperation with mobile operators from Russia.

It also clarifies that testing of equipment not related to Huawei and ZTE is already being carried out by Tele2 with MegaFon, and the unified register of certificates of conformity indicates the import of new base stations manufactured by Japanese JRC, Telrad from Israel, and Taiwanese HTC into Russia.

However, according to Vasily Shpak, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which he cited as part of the Cifrotech forum, the market segment that became free after the key foreign manufacturers of this type of equipment left Russia will be occupied by domestic vendors, as companies from India, China, Israel and other countries will not be able to fully replace the previously used equipment, because they have no experience either in building complex solutions or in terms of supporting foreign customers.

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