One order! South Korea’s three major operators announced free additional data from March

Mobile China News] 5G has been commercially available in China for a long time. Although many people still insist on using 4G packages, the experience brought by 5G still attracts a large number of people to upgrade their networks. Of course, it has to be mentioned that the high cost of 5G packages is a major factor preventing consumers from enjoying 5G. This kind of situation is not limited to China, and Korean mobile phone users also have similar distress. However, for this matter, the South Korean government has recently begun to act…

South Korea's three major operators
South Korea’s three major operators

  According to mobile phone China, South Korea’s three major mobile operators SKT, KT and LG Uplus announced that they will provide free additional mobile data traffic to all users starting in March. The move comes in response to a government-led effort to help South Korean consumers take a financial burden amid rising inflation.

  Specifically, SKT, the largest telecom operator in South Korea, will provide 30GB of data traffic for free to 3G/LTE/5G users aged 19 and above in March. Users can enjoy 300 hours of streaming music and watch 30 hours of HD video. In simple calculations, about 20 million SKT users can get an additional 30GB beyond the base data without going through a separate application process. Users will use the free traffic first, and then the basic traffic used previously will be deducted.

One order!  South Korea's three major operators announced free additional data from March

  KT and LG Uplus have similar initiatives, and users of the two operators will also get similar data packages for free. Among them, the amount of free data provided by LG Uplus is twice as much as before. Users who use 31GB of basic data per month will be able to use a total of 62GB of traffic in March.

  It is understood that since several operators currently only provide two 5G data traffic packages for light users and heavy users, calls for 5G mid-range data traffic packages in South Korea have been on the rise. In this regard, the three operators in South Korea stated that they will launch mid-range prices and diversified 5G data traffic packages for their 5G mobile users.

Comments from Korean netizens
Comments from Korean netizens

  For the gift of free data, some Korean netizens are still not convinced, and they think that it is more realistic to reduce the tariff.

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