Network expansion is too slow: mobile operators must expect sanctions

Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica and 1&1 miss their coverage requirements. Frustration is growing in the traffic light coalition. Sensitive penalties are in the room.


Berlin, Hamburg Have Deutsche Telekom , Vodafone , Telefónica and 1&1 provided the country with sufficient mobile phone networks? The Federal Network Agency is currently investigating this question and intends to present a report on Monday.

The answer is likely to be costly for companies. Because they have been subject to conditions since 2019, which the companies received along with valuable 5G frequencies. A fine of up to 50,000 euros is threatened for each missing mast, depending on the fault.

In December, the bosses of the telecom companies had already approached the advisory board of the authority to answer questions from politicians from the federal and state governments. They tried once again to present omissions as through no fault of their own, as can be seen from meeting documents. They are available to the Handelsblatt.

According to this, the companies have indeed achieved many of the goals imposed: 98 percent of households cover the big three with fast Internet, as well as many motorways and railways.


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