How to check the origin of an iPhone? This trick will let you avoid lightning “Indian iPhone”

Mobile China News] As a world-class company, Apple has many foundries all over the world, providing it with a strong backing for product manufacturing. There are also certain differences in the quality control of iPhones produced in different origins. Mobile China recently reported that only one out of every two iPhone casings made at the Hosur factory run by Apple supplier Tata could meet the standard.

Of course, the iPhones purchased through domestic official channels are basically from domestic factories, and the quality control is very strict. However, for users who like overseas purchasing agents and purchases on secondary platforms, how to distinguish where the iPhone is produced is very important, which can effectively avoid products with poor quality control.

  So today Mobile China will teach you how to check where your iPhone was produced. Here are the steps:

  1. First, we need to open the “Settings” on the phone, and then click “General”.

  2. Then click “About This Mac” to enter the next step.

  3. At this point, we can see the serial number and model of the mobile phone. In the model column, the CH in front of A at the end means China.

  4. In the model column, the M at the beginning stands for the original new machine. If it is N, it means official replacement or official replacement.

sample graph
sample graph

  The sales area and sales code are as follows:

  China (CH), Taiwan (TA), Japan (J), Philippines (PP), Australia (X), United Kingdom (B), Russia (RS), United States (LL), Mexico (E), Argentina (LE) , Chile (LZ), France (F), Austria (FD), Greece (GR), Portugal (PO), Romania (RR), Reunion Island (FB), Germany (D), Turkey (TU), Slovakia (SL), Latvia (LV), Hong Kong (ZP), Arabia (AE), Korea (KH), Singapore (ZA), Malaysia (MY), Vietnam (VN), India (HN), Canada (C), Brazil (BZ), Jamaica (ZQ), Indonesia (ID), Lithuania (LT), Norway (KN), Athens (KS), Estonia (EE), Egypt (AB), Panama (LA), South Africa (SO), Nigeria Rodia (CR), Czech Republic (CZ), Spain (MM).

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