Half of the products made in India are not up to standard. Foreign media say it is very difficult for Apple to leave China.

Mobile China News] At present, Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world, and its products involve smartphones , laptops, true wireless Bluetooth headsets , smart speakers and other aspects. However, most of Apple’s products are manufactured by various OEMs. Among them, the main origin of Apple products is in China. Because China has a very complete industrial chain and abundant human resources, Apple’s production of products in China can effectively reduce manufacturing costs while ensuring quality. However, at present, Apple is planning to reduce its dependence on Chinese manufacturing, and it plans to transfer more production to other countries. However, Apple’s plan seems to have encountered a lot of obstacles.

Recently, Mobile China has noticed that some overseas media said that Apple is facing major challenges in reducing its dependence on China. Especially products made in India are seriously substandard in quality. It is reported that an India-based supplier is producing iPhone cases with a scrap rate of 50%, while the company is aiming for zero defects. The report pointed out that for Apple, Indian suppliers also lack the aggressive attitude of Chinese suppliers. A former Apple engineer further said that there is a lack of sense of urgency in the Indian supply chain, which sometimes leads to extended supply times. Moreover, tech entrepreneur and academic Vivek Wadhwa also said it could take up to three years for Indian suppliers to achieve the volume production needed to compete with Chinese production.

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  However, even so, Apple still seems to value manufacturing in India very much. It is reported that in the current iPhone 14 series of smartphones, a production job has already been handed over to an Indian factory. In the iPhone 15 series to be released in the second half of this year , the proportion of manufacturing in India may further increase.

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