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Fresh capital for healthcare start-ups: Teleclinic founder launches EUR 100 million fund

The venture capitalist Yzr wants to support young companies in the digital health economy. A well-known consumer goods company is also involved.

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt A new investment fund wants to support start-ups in the digital healthcare industry with early financing. It is issued by Yzr Capital. The venture capitalist is backed by start-up entrepreneur Reinhard Meier, once co-founder of the telemedicine provider Teleclinic, and venture capital expert Markus Feuerecker.

The fund has so far reached 60 percent of its target volume of EUR 100 million. Investors in the Yzr fund include institutional and strategic investors such as the European Investment Fund, Bertelsmann Investments and Beiersdorf AG. Family offices as well as industrial and tech entrepreneurs are also invested.

Yzr Capital itself wants to invest in young companies in the digital healthcare industry. The name Yzr (pronounced “Waiser”) derives from an old spelling of the river Isar that flows through Munich and stands for “wise and informed investment decisions”, explains the company.


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