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For the first time, China’s manned spaceflight project publicly solicits flight mission logos from the public

Science and Technology Daily reporter Fu Yifei

According to the China Manned Spaceflight Engineering Office, the office recently officially released the “Announcement on the Solicitation of Manned Space Flight Mission Logos for 2023”, and publicly solicited the 2023 manned space flight mission logos from the public. The full text of the “Announcement” and requirements, etc., can be found on the special page of China Manned Space Engineering Network (

Since the Shenzhou-5 mission in 2003, mission logos have been designed for each manned mission, especially the 12 mission logos planned and designed during the construction phase of the space station, which have played a positive role in shaping the project’s brand image and promoting the spirit of manned spaceflight. This time, we are mainly soliciting the logo design schemes and explanations of the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft flight mission, Shenzhou-16 manned flight mission, and Shenzhou-17 manned flight mission. All natural persons, legal persons and Organizations can participate. The solicitation of works requires that it fully embody Chinese elements, manned spaceflight features and mission characteristics, have distinct technological and artistic implications, and give due consideration to the systematization, coordination and continuity of the three mission logos. The deadline for solicitation is 24:00 on March 6, 2023, and online voting and results will be announced later.

In order to help the public further understand the characteristics of the task and stimulate creative inspiration, the “Announcement” specifically introduces the relevant situation of the task. After China’s space station is fully completed by the end of 2022, China’s manned space station project will officially enter the application and development stage. Two manned spacecraft and one to two cargo spacecraft will be launched every year. According to the flight mission plan, it is planned to launch the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft in May 2023 and dock at the rear port of the core module to form a combination of three cabins and two ships. Propellant and application mission load samples, and downlink on-orbit waste; launch Shenzhou 16 manned spacecraft in May, and dock with the radial port of the core module to form a three-cabin and three-ship combination; launch Shenzhou 17 manned in October The spaceship is docked at the forward port of the core cabin, forming a combination of three cabins and three ships. During the two manned flight missions, activities such as astronaut out-of-vehicle activities and cargo airlock out-of-vehicle missions will be carried out, space science experiments and technical experiments will be carried out, routine work on platform management, work related to astronaut support, and popular science education will be carried out.

This is the first time in the history of China’s manned spaceflight project that the mission logo is openly solicited to the whole society. It aims to expand the influence of the project in the new stage, show the good image of China’s manned spaceflight project, and let the whole society participate in spaceflight dreams and experience China. Taking responsibility for aerospace has witnessed the great achievements of my country’s space exploration.

Editor in charge: He Peizhen

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