Apple has patented a technology that will allow you to add a video camera to the Apple Watch

In early February, Apple received a patent from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) describing a technology that gives Apple Watch users access to the camera on the back.

According to the patent data, users will be able to quickly remove the watch’s bezel to access the built-in camera. At the end of the shooting, the panel returns to its place and is fixed. The mount is removable and is a latch or magnet. In short, when separating the watch from the strap, there is no need to remove the entire strap.

It is worth clarifying that the company has not yet released an Apple Watch with a similar system – however, in 2019, Apple received a prize for a watch strap with a built-in optical flexible sensor, which can be considered as a prototype of a possible future novelty.

However, according to experts, the appearance of a smart watch with a camera can provoke dissatisfaction related to the violation of privacy standards. The simplest example is video voyeurism, the unhealthy interest of some people in watching other people who are unaware of it, or, simply put, ordinary peeping with a video camera.

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