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Amazon abandons development of sidewalk delivery robots

Amazon wanted to send little robots onto the sidewalks to deliver packages. Now the tests have been stopped and the project discontinued.

Seattle  Amazon is ending testing small sidewalk delivery robots. The world’s largest online retailer started the trials three years ago in a residential area near Seattle.

The development team had been dissolved and the employees should be offered jobs in other areas of the group, an Amazon spokeswoman told the Bloomberg financial service.

The vehicles looked like a large cooler on six wheels. Around 400 people worldwide worked on the project, Bloomberg reported, citing informed people. The idea of ​​an autonomous delivery robot was to be examined further, but the previous concept had not worked, wrote the financial service.

Other companies have also been working on similar delivery robots in recent years, such as the pioneer Starship Technologies. So far, however, there has been no major breakthrough for the technology.

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