After reading Lightning Protection! Only 50% of iPhone casings produced in India pass the test!

Mobile China News] Recently, according to Mobile China’s understanding, foreign media reported that due to low component production and slow progress, Apple’s production operations in India are difficult to expand. It is reported that only one in two iPhone cases made at the Hosur factory operated by Apple supplier Tata meets the standard and is sent to Foxconn for assembly. The compliance rate of 50% is very low, which is not only contrary to Apple’s “zero defect” manufacturing and environmental protection goals, but also very “ugly” in other production operations.


  A former Apple engineer revealed to the media that Chinese iPhone suppliers have adopted a “striking” approach to winning iPhone orders, and often completed the workload weeks in advance at an “inexplicable speed”. In addition, the engineer also said that production operations in India are not running at the speed of factories in China because there is no sense of urgency here.

  Currently, Apple is working on improving its manufacturing capabilities in India. According to relevant industry sources, Apple has sent product designers and engineers from California and China to factories in southern India to train locals and help set up production operations.

  It is understood that Apple has been producing entry-level iPhone models in India since 2017, and the iPhone SE is the first batch of models produced locally. In 2022, Apple has significantly increased its production in India, and some models were produced in India a few weeks after the launch of the iPhone 14 in China.

iPhone 14 series
iPhone 14 series

  According to media reports, the Indian company Tata intends to become Apple’s full-service supplier in the future and is negotiating with Apple’s iPhone contract manufacturer Wistron. But Apple’s long-term plan is to diversify its global supply chain.

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