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“Yandex” called the cause of the February failure

"Yandex" explained the failure of services on February 6 by the failure of network equipment

MOSCOW, Feb 13 – PRIME. Failure in the work of Yandex services in February occurred due to malfunctions in the operation of network equipment, the company explained.

Yandex office in Moscow

“Yandex” appointed new directors of two lines of business


On February 6, users encountered difficulties accessing Zen, Yandex Music, Kinopoisk, and a search engine.

One of the devices, a border router, reportedly failed, resulting in a cascading failure. This was the main cause of problems with access to services.

The specialists were able to identify the error after analyzing and reproducing the failure in the laboratory. The company has already taken measures to prevent similar incidents in the future, and also informed the equipment manufacturer about the problem in the software, Yandex added. 

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