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The simplest device imperceptibly for the wearer reduces the level of his stress by half

Researchers at Cornell University have created a prototype passive stress relief device that relies on strokes. It works best on areas of skin with hairline, but the desired effect is achieved on smooth skin. Experiments on volunteers have proven its effectiveness in reducing stress levels without creating any embarrassment for the user.

The most common methods of stress relief have a fundamental common point – they force a person to do something. Meditate, use breathing exercises, exercise, etc. Which is extremely inconvenient if you are taking an exam or driving a car on a difficult track. Therefore, American scientists have focused on passive methods of stress relief that do not distract a person from his occupation.


Stress reliever

One of these methods is affective touch, a type of tactile contact that is used by one individual to calm another. It can include hugs, pats on the shoulder, stroking the hand. The latter was implemented in the new gadget. On a plate attached to the forearm, a simple mechanism moved a piece of synthetic fur, which stroked the wearer’s skin.

Practical experiments have shown that people practically do not notice the operation of the device. However, the level of their stress during his work is reduced by 50%, although other indicators of the functioning of the body do not change. The result of the gadget is identical to laboratory studies, when the hands of the experimental subjects were specially stroked with a soft brush. Now scientists are working on a compact commercial version of the device.

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