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The expert told how to check the performance of the smartphone after the fall

Expert Lysenko: the damage that a smartphone can get when it falls depends on a number of factors

MOSCOW, Feb 14 – PRIME. If the smartphone turned off after falling to the ground, this does not mean that it is completely out of order, Grigory Lysenko, an expert at the Yota telecommunications company,  told Sputnik radio .

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According to him, the damage that a smartphone can receive when dropped depends on a number of factors. 

“A smartphone can simply fall out of your pocket, but the motherboard will break, or it can fall from the balcony of the third floor and continue working. It all depends on the surface on which it was dropped, on its case, the presence of a case or protective glass. There are times when after a fall, the smartphone turns off and does not respond to attempts to “revive” it. This does not mean that it is “dead”, it could just freeze. Try to force boot the device using the hardware keys. Any smartphone has a set of keys that you can hold down, and the smartphone will reboot,” the expert said.

He named the parts of a smartphone that are most at risk if the device falls.

“Let’s take the option when a smartphone falls from a height of one or one and a half meters onto a hard surface – tile, tile or asphalt. Here the screen, case, camera and flash, motherboard, proximity and light sensor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, slot SIM cards, charging and headphone jacks.Immediately after a fall, you must carefully examine the smartphone for defects that it could receive.If something interferes with the use of the device, you need to go to a service center.If scratches and chips simply appear on the screen or case , there is no need to go there,” Lysenko said.

If the smartphone has not received visible damage when dropped, a series of tests can be carried out to make sure that it is working.

“Almost any damage can be detected immediately. For example, if the proximity and light sensors fail, the smartphone will not turn off when you talk on the phone, and will not light up when you take it from the table. The speaker may make noise, rustle, or vice versa “, do not make any sounds. You should check the speakerphone, make a few calls. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are checked by reconnecting the device to the network. To check the charging connector, see how long the device is now charging,” Lysenko said.

In some cases, the problem may appear in a week or a month – then when contacting a service center, you should definitely report that the smartphone has fallen, the expert emphasized.

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