The expert estimated the growth in the number of drones for Earth sounding in Russia

Expert Semyonov: the number of drones for Earth sounding in Russia can grow tenfold

MOSCOW, Feb 14 – PRIME. Russia occupies a leading position in the world in the use of drones for solving the problems of remote sensing of the Earth (ERS), in the coming years their number can grow tenfold, this opinion was expressed by RIA Novosti, Chairman of the Board, head of the Geoscan Group of Companies Alexei Semyonov. 

Fields of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The expert estimated the speed of fertilization using drones


“In Russia, the problem of import substitution has been solved in terms of tasks related to remote sensing of the Earth using drones – more than 2,000 unmanned aerial systems for remote sensing are operating in the country, and more than 95% of them are devices of domestic design and production,” Semenov said.

“In terms of the number of drones used, technologies and the number of tasks solved with their help, our country currently occupies a leading position in the world. We expect that in the coming years the number of drones performing tasks in the sky for remote sensing, especially when the restrictions restricting the market are removed, will grow by dozens of times,” he said.

According to him, unmanned aerial vehicles make it possible to conduct an inventory of land, collect information for precision farming, detect heat leaks, obtain data during geological exploration, as well as geospatial data for investment and tourism portals.

Semyonov noted that among the major projects implemented for remote sensing using drones are an inventory of the lands of the Tula region (500 thousand kilometers of flight, 6 million photographs, NTI project), aeromagnetic survey of a field in Yakutia (12 thousand kilometers of survey) and the creation of detailed 3D models and orthophotomaps of more than 100 large cities of Russia.

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