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Scientists propose to fight global warming with the help of lunar dust guns

The problem of climate change and global warming has long required not reasoning, but active action. And a group of astrophysicists from the University of Utah has found a solution that can save our planet from rising temperatures. Scientists propose using “lunar cannons” capable of firing enough lunar dust into space to obscure the Earth. Sunlight, carrying heat, will scatter, reflecting from it.

The idea seems incredible – but only at first glance. Taking into account the fact that space exploration is very active today, and some states are already financing lunar programs, it is technically feasible to deploy devices for this mission on a natural satellite of the Earth. Scientists believe that it is lunar dust that will be the best solution to save the Earth from climate change.

The idea of ​​using dust guns caused a heated controversy in the scientific community. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the Earth may face consequences of such a decision that cannot be calculated now. The computer simulation carried out showed that the presence of lunar dust in the upper atmosphere will reduce the intensity of the Sun’s light on the earth’s surface by 1-2%. Against the background of other projects capable of “cooling the Earth”, the idea of ​​”lunar guns” stands out for its simplicity and efficiency.


moon dustComputer simulation of lunar dust distribution

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