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Scientists have created a “smart” necklace that helps to quit smoking

Scientists have created an electronic necklace that helps to quit smoking. Reported by Northwestern University.

The SmokeMon necklace looks like a blue lapis lazuli pendant. At the same time, it does not violate the confidentiality of the wearer, since it captures only the heat signatures from the lit tip of the cigarette, without the use of video. This is a critical factor for people to feel comfortable in it. “We can determine when a cigarette is lit, when a person brings it to his mouth and takes a puff, how much he inhales, how much time passes between puffs, and how long he keeps a cigarette in his mouth,” the authors explain.

All of these details are called smoking topography, and they are important for two reasons. First, it allows scientists to measure and evaluate the harmful effects on smokers and better understand the relationship between chemical exposure and tobacco-related diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, and chronic bronchitis.

Secondly, it can help those who wish to quit smoking. In the event of smoking resumption, the necklace may give signals or report what is happening to a healthy lifestyle consultant, who can call the patient.

The necklace’s microcomputer analyzes the IR sensor data and interprets it with a neural network whose algorithm has been trained on real smoking cases. It is the neural network that allows you to distinguish a cigarette from another source of heat, a cigarette in the hands of the wearer from the cigarettes of others, as well as to fix puffs.

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