New Earth-sized planet discovered

TESS spacecraft confirms the existence of an Earth-sized exoplanet

Astronomers have discovered a new exoplanet about the size of Earth and three times as massive as it, located 70 light-years from the Sun. The discovery is reported in an article published in the arXiv preprint database.

Initially, the candidate was identified using NASA’s Kepler space telescope while observing a transit signal – a falling light curve of the star K2-415, which occurs due to the passage of a large object against the background of the star. The planetary nature of the signal was confirmed in the course of subsequent observations by the TESS spacecraft.

K2-415b has a radius of approximately 1.015 Earth radii. The planet revolves around its parent star every 4.018 days at a distance of about 0.027 astronomical units from it. The equilibrium temperature of K2-415b, which does not take into account the effect of heat accumulation in the atmosphere and the influence of hot interiors, is estimated at about 400 kelvins.

The star K2-415 is a red dwarf and belongs to the spectral class M5V, and its effective temperature, which characterizes the radiation power of a black body, is 3173 kelvins. The star has a radius of about 0.2 solar radii, and its mass is estimated to be about 0.16 solar masses.

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