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Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO: charge up!

We are so overgrown with gadgets that it is simply impossible to imagine a trip without a smartphone (as a rule, more than one), a navigator, a camera, a DVR and something else like a smart watch. And here’s the problem: even in those cars that have appeared more recently, USB charging ports, as a rule, do not support fast charging systems.

Thus, it turns out that you connected the phone in front of the road, and at the end of the road you find that the device replenished its energy reserves by only 10%. The way out in this situation is to use chargers that understand modern gadgets and can increase both voltage and current. For example, Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO .




Connector 12V









Charging protocols

FC3.0, FC2.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFP, Apple 2.4

FC3.0, FC2.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFP, Apple 2.4

USB-A port charging power

3.6-6.5V – 3A; 6.5-9V – 2A; 9-12V – 1.5A

5V – 3A; 9V – 2A; 12V – 1.5A

USB-C port charging power

5V – 3.6A; 9V – 3A; 12V – 2.5A

The models have the same price, but even a cursory glance is enough to understand that they differ significantly from each other. Navitel USP55 PRO is noticeably larger than its counterpart, has a complex design with a movable main part.


Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO: charge up!.  Rice.  1


This is done so that by inserting the charger into the car panel, you can adjust the angle of inclination, because, in addition to connectors, the model is equipped with a display that shows the voltage in the on-board network, as well as the current strength when consumers are connected.


Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO: charge up!.  Rice.  2


At the same time, if there is only one 12-volt outlet in the car, occupied, say, by a DVR or a radar detector, you should not be upset, because the Navitel USP55 PRO has not only two traditional USB ports, but also the same number of cigarette lighters.


Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO: charge up!.  Rice.  3


That is, the device also serves as a splitter. Interestingly, despite the purely utilitarian purpose of the USP55 PRO, designers also had a hand in the device – there is an original relief on the case, and if you put the charger face down on the surface, Navitel resembles a gear lever.


Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO: charge up!.  Rice.  4


In terms of charging speed, the maximum power that can be achieved when connected to the USP55 PRO is 19.5W (6.5V @ 3A).

The second model – Navitel USP45 SLIM – is noticeably more compact, it does not have 12-volt connectors, but, in addition to two USB-A ports, there is one USB-C port, and it is he who allows you to charge a compatible gadget with a maximum power of 27 W (9 V at 3 A). There is no screen in the model, instead of it there is a small blue indicator. Three devices can be connected to the USP45 SLIM at the same time, while it takes up almost no space.


Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO: charge up!.  Rice.  5


Realme, Infinix, Samsung and Apple smartphones took part in the testing process. All of them, although not always, displayed the activation of the fast charging system, but the time for this very charging required significantly less than when powered from a standard car port.

Navitel USP45 SLIM and USP55 PRO are convenient, practical and inexpensive devices, each with its own advantages.

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Fast charging speed

Display of the voltage of the on-board network and the strength of the consumed current (USP55 PRO)

Compact (USP45 SLIM)



Position lock can be made tighter (USP55 PRO)


Published on 14.02.2023

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