NASA decided to help Roscosmos

Media: NASA helps Roskosmos find the cause of the incident on the Progress MS-21 spacecraft

MOSCOW, Feb 12 – PRIME. NASA specialists are helping Roskosmos in establishing the causes of the incident in the thermal control system on the Progress MS-21 cargo ship to the ISS, RIA Novosti reports citing a statement by the US space agency press service.


Roscosmos wants to commercialize GLONASS


The agency said: “NASA specialists are helping their Russian colleagues in identifying the causes of the coolant leak on the Progress MS-21 spacecraft. The specialists monitor the operation of all ISS systems and have not yet identified any other problems at the station.”

At the same time, it was noted that the temperature and pressure on the ISS are normal. “The crew … is not in danger – they continue to perform work on the space station as usual,” the US space agency said.

Earlier, the executive director for manned space programs of Roscosmos, Sergey Krikalev, announced a coolant leak on the Progress MS-21 truck.

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