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Named tricks that eat up the balance on the smartphone

Telecom analyst Kuskov announced the need to control expenses from the balance of the smartphone

MOSCOW, Feb 14 – PRIME. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, as well as constant access to the Internet, roaming and hundreds of calls and SMS to always be in touch. However, each of us finds ourselves in a situation where money from the balance sheet suddenly begins to disappear unexpectedly quickly, how to keep our communication costs under control and what “pitfalls” are hidden by mobile operators, Denis Kuskov, CEO of Telecom Daily, told Prime agency.

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First, he advised carefully checking your tariff plan. Now most users have access to their personal account, where they can see the tariff and all charges, in order to clearly understand what your money is spent on. It must be remembered that, in general, cellular tariffs are not reduced and operators are still using a lot of tricks to increase their income.

Secondly, you need to control the services that you subscribe to – after all, among them there are both those that are provided free of charge and paid ones, and it’s not a fact that you really need them. For example, the user may not be aware of the connected “Change dial tone” service, since he does not call himself. Or the AntiAON service – with it you can hide your number on all outgoing calls, but the cost of such anonymity can be expensive. Kuskov strongly recommends that you check all the available options in your personal account at least once a month, because there are situations when the operator activates certain services without notice or changes their cost. If it is not there, then you should call the call center and ask for the number of services and their cost.

“The user should choose his tariff plan based on how often he uses voice communications and how much Internet traffic he needs,” Kuskov said.

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Thirdly, be careful when calling help desks and various call centers – often, without noticing it, we overpay just for waiting minutes. Kuskov also advised to carefully monitor your mobile subscriptions, which are often connected when you go to the mobile version of a site or when you install a game. Subscriptions “imposed” on you can also be tracked in your personal account on the operator’s website, and you can turn them off in any mobile phone store.

Finally, fourthly, be careful when sending SMS messages. Kuskov recalled that the standard limit for operators on the length of a message is 70 characters for Cyrillic, 160 for Latin. Anything larger than this will be split into several separate sms.

“There is another “trick” for smartphone owners – your gadget wants to “save” the owner’s money and converts too long SMS into MMS. So do not be surprised if you see payment for MMS in your monthly bill, which you would think did not use,” the telecom analyst summed up.

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