Named the most demanded IT-specialties in Russia

Expert Popov: the most demanded IT specialties in Russia are Java, C++, Python, Data Science

MOSCOW, Feb 13 – PRIME. Among the most sought-after specialists in the field of IT are Java development specialists, Sergey Popov, program director of the Programming direction, told Skillbox  in an interview with RT .

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“They solve most of the business tasks for interaction with the end user: support for corporate software, creating applications, including banking ones, servicing cash desks. Such specialists are needed in a large number of various projects not only in the IT sector, but also in other areas,” explained He.

Also, as the expert noted, C++ and C# developers are in demand.

“One of the main functions of these languages ​​is writing complex software for production. In addition, specialists are engaged in supporting search engines, games, graphics engines, applications, and programming IoT devices,” the source said.

Another category of sought-after specialists is Python developers. “Programmers can use the language to write web applications, neural networks and process automation. In addition, Python can be useful in creating games and social media bots,” Popov said.

In addition, according to him, such specialists as Data Scientist are popular.

“This is a collective term for all specialists who work with data. Thus, analysts and data engineers collect, process and analyze data, test hypotheses and build predictive models. Their tools help businesses make effective decisions and develop strategies,” the expert noted . 

According to Popov, one of the most striking trends in the IT segment in the current economic situation is import substitution. “IT specialists will become more involved in the development of domestic programs, the creation of applications and the automation of business processes. For 2023, we can make cautious forecasts for changes in the salary expectations of programmers,” the expert said.

Businesses that will face the need to optimize costs in hiring will, as before, “prefer middles, but may start looking towards juniors,” he said.

“The trend can also be facilitated by employment in foreign companies of highly qualified developers who have previously moved from the country. This can lead to increased competition among mid-level specialists, and, accordingly, an increase in the salary range for them,” said Popov.

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