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More than a quarter of Russians confessed their love for the first time by phone


MOSCOW, Feb 13 – PRIME. More than a quarter of Russians first confessed their love to their partner by phone, while the expression of their feelings with the help of gadgets is present in many couples and in long-term relationships, according to a study by RIA Novosti, a power bank rental service. 

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“More than 3,000 mobile phone users took part in the study, and more than 25% of respondents answered that they confessed their love to their girlfriend or boyfriend by phone call or message in the messenger,” the service notes.

At the same time, more than a third of Russians reported that, already having a strong relationship, they continue to send messages of love to each other at least twice a day, and more than 45% constantly send emoticons with hearts and kisses during the day.

“More than 40% of couples in love talk to each other on the phone for no more than 1.5-2 hours a day and get bored if the “halves” are not in touch for more than an hour,” the study adds. Also, more than a quarter of the respondents share their mobile passwords with each other, since they do not have any secrets from each other.

However, according to formal signs, lovers are less romantic. So, 50% of Russians keep their “half” in the phone by name and surname, 20% as beloved / beloved or husband / wife, another 20% use a nickname that is known only to the couple themselves, and only 10% use affectionate names, such as “cat”, “bunny”, “baby”.

According to the psychotherapist of the telemedicine service “Doctis” Elena Burdelova, it is sometimes easier for young people to say about their love in the form of a text message, especially shy ones, those who are not sure of reciprocity and the reaction of a partner. “Communicating through instant messengers, we feel more secure, more secure, so it’s easier to confess in a message and survive a possible rejection,” she said.

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