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In Russia, the Oculus system was fully launched to detect prohibited content

Representatives of the Roskomnadzor-sponsored organization FSUE GRCHTS announced that a new system, called Oculus, has been fully launched – it is designed to automatically determine prohibited information on the Web, whereas earlier it was determined by GRCHTS specialists, as a rule, “manually” .

Testing of Oculus was completed at the very end of 2022, and in January of this year, its implementation began with simultaneous integration with a number of content monitoring tools used in the work of Roskomnadzor. Unfortunately, while the department does not report either the results of the tests, or any results on the work of the Oculus.

Recall that about 60 million rubles were allocated for the development of Oculus in August last year. In its work, this system uses elements of neural networks, analyzing information posted on websites, social networks and instant messengers and identifying illegal content – Oculus is even able to detect text that is present on images and videos .

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