Called the strange signals of your smartphone, which you need to understand

Cyber ​​expert Stepanov: fast discharge of a smartphone may be a sign of a virus launch

MOSCOW, Feb 13 – PRIME. How well do you know your own smartphone? There are alarm signals that the gadget sends to the user – it is better not to ignore them, because otherwise you can face serious problems. Valery Stepanov, head of the Competence Center for Information Security of T1 Group, told Prime about this in more detail.

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“It happens that the smartphone often freezes, reboots, battery problems appear and performance drops dramatically. This may be due to the use of numerous applications and the consumption of content, such as video,” he explained.

If there is no increased activity, a hot battery or freezes may be a sign of unauthorized malware launch. It can run in the background, allowing someone to access smartphone data. Therefore, rapid loss of charge with minimal use and poor performance are a signal that the user should be on their guard.

If your Internet traffic has started to end faster than usual, this also means that someone other than you is connecting to the phone. The malware may be using the capabilities of your Internet connection plan to send collected information to an external source, the expert added.

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The smartphone screen may flash in different colors. Most likely, this is due to a malfunction in its software. Then you need to remove the program that interferes with the normal functioning of the device, or reset the settings to factory settings. The latter will entail irreversible loss of personal data. Therefore, before clicking on RESET, copy them to removable media.

Sometimes the smartphone activates by itself, without any outside help or command. For example, a gadget is lying on the table, and then the screen suddenly starts to glow, an application is downloaded, or unexpected signals or sounds appear. A third-party banner in the official Internet banking application or an application that you have not downloaded should definitely alert you.

“All of the above may be the result of wiretapping or malware installed on your smartphone,” Stepanov concluded.

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