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The head of Roskosmos urged to increase the production of satellites

The head of Roscosmos Borisov: the country should produce 250 satellites by 2025

MOSCOW, Feb 10 – PRIME. By 2025, Russia should establish serial production of spacecraft (SC), produce 250 satellites a year, said Yury Borisov, Director General of Roscosmos.

In order to pull out such rates [of launches], we need to multiply production today. Somewhere at the turn of 2025, reach 250 satellites a year,” he said.

Borisov added that by 2030, domestic production facilities should establish the creation of one satellite per day. The country will have 360 ​​spacecraft this year. At the same time, the general director pointed out, the required orbital grouping of Russia by 2030 should consist of 1000-1200.

“It seems like a lot compared to today’s 190. But then from today’s 3.5% of the volume of space services in the world market we will fall to 0.5%. India, which is seriously lagging behind Russia today, will overtake us five times in terms of the number of satellites not to mention America, Europe and China,” the head of the state corporation stressed.

He noted that Russia “overslept” the transition to an industrial model for the production of satellites, explaining that already now the United States and China are producing more than a thousand and about 450 devices a year, respectively.

In addition, Borisov said that the development of the new Science and Technology Policy of Roscosmos will be completed during the quarter. According to him, Yury Koptev, chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of Roskosmos, warned him against “not leading them through the desert like that Moses for 40 years.”

At the same time, the head of the state corporation said that he was optimistic about the ambitions of private space companies for the production of satellites, pointing out that it was still difficult to predict success.

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Borisov added that today the need for space data and services in Russia is such that the more satellites are built, the better, no matter what companies.

“We have proclaimed an open door policy for private traders. We are ready not only to launch their devices into space, but also to provide them with a technological and testing base for satellites. For example, vacuum and anechoic chambers are very expensive equipment,” said the head of Roskosmos.

In addition, the head of Roskosmos noted that Russia has prospects for building a small number of spacecraft for Iran.

In addition, according to him, the state corporation has plans for similar cooperation with Angola, Algeria, Vietnam and the Arab world.

In August 2022, Russia launched the Khayyam Earth remote sensing satellite, built by order of Iran, into orbit. The launch was carried out with the help of the Russian Soyuz-2.1b launch vehicle launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and the Fregat upper stage. Borisov called the launch a milestone in Russian-Iranian cooperation.

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In October 2022, another launch for foreign customers took place. The Proton-M rocket, launched from Baikonur, launched the upper stage DM-03 with the AngoSat-2 telecommunications satellite built in Russia for Angola into near-Earth orbit.

The full interview of Borisov will be published on the website at 10.30 Moscow time.


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