Living with Red Dwarfs?

Turbulence in the constellation Ophiuchus: The ten-billion-year-old red dwarf Barnard’s Star is extremely active. Outbursts often occur that would destroy an atmosphere around a nearby planet. Life is not possible here. Observations by the X-ray satellite Chandra registered a violent outburst in June 2019 and measurements by the Hubble Space Telescope in March 2019 two ultraviolet outbursts. Each eruption lasted about seven hours. © Illustration: NASA/CXC/M. White
     In the search for a second earth, planets are considered promising for red dwarfs. But how livable are they           really?


Gliese 887 makes a calm, unspectacular impression – which is exactly why Sandra Jeffers is so interested in the star. The astronomer from the University of Göttingen and her colleagues have invested a lot of time observing it and analyzing the data. Last year, it was finally proven that the 10.7 light-year distant star in the constellation Southern Fish has two planets – so-called super-Earths. They are bigger and heavier than Earth, have

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