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Experts spoke about fake apps in the App Store

Expert Lazareva: fake apps of sanctioned Russian companies were placed in the App Store

MOSCOW, Feb 10 – PRIME. Dozens of fake applications of Russian companies that have fallen under sanctions are currently in the App Store, Yevgenia Lazareva, coordinator of the Moshelovka platform, told RIA Novosti.

The day before, VTB warned its customers that a fake “To Bank: Access Online” application from scammers appeared in the App Store for download, which they are trying to pass off as a copy of the VTB application. The bank sent a request to Apple to remove this malicious resource. However, as the correspondent of RIA Novosti was convinced, as of 11.30 Friday, this application is still available for download in the App Store.

At the same time, the official applications of Russian companies are deleted almost instantly due to the sanctions policy of the West, Lazareva said. “According to our data, now the App Store hosts several dozen fake and modified applications and clients of Russian companies that have fallen under sanctions,” the expert said.

According to her, despite the news and warnings that due to the sanctions, Apple removed the official applications of sanctioned Russian companies from its store, scammers manage to deceive users and convince them to download fakes in the App Store.

Lazareva also added that the problem with fake and fraudulent applications constantly appearing in the App Store has been standing for a very long time and worries Apple users around the world.

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