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“Gazprom-Media Holding” denied information about the purchase of “MegaFon”

"Gazprom-Media Holding" has denied the information that it is preparing to buy "MegaFon"

MOSCOW, Feb 9 – PRIME. “Gazprom-Media Holding” has denied the information that it is preparing to buy a mobile operator “MegaFon”, the press service of the holding.


Gazprom discussed cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Earlier Thursday, the media reported that Gazprom-Media Holding could buy MegaFon from its current owner, USM.

“The information that Gazprom-Media Holding is preparing to buy MegaFon is not true,” the report says.

Last week, Kommersant, citing sources, reported that Rostelecom was negotiating the acquisition of MegaFon from the USM Group holding, the issue was submitted to the government for approval at the end of 2022. The publication clarified that USM itself has already begun the restructuring of telecommunications assets.

The largest shareholder of MegaFon is the USM holding. Thus, USM Telecom (UeSeM Telecom LLC) owns 50% of the shares in the mobile operator, the remaining 50% belongs to AF Telecom Holding, a USM structure.

The former head of the USM holding, Ivan Streshinsky, transferred his 10% stake in the USM Telecom division to the Gazprombank-Obsidian closed investment fund, follows from the USRLE data. The corresponding entry appeared on February 7. According to data from the register, the nominal value of the transferred share of 10% amounted to 15.6 billion rubles.

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