Vulnerability Management Strengthens Risky Supply Chain Security – KLab

In recent years, there has been an increase in supply chain attacks that illegally intrude into target companies via related companies and business partners with weak security measures. We are no longer able to prevent cyberattacks simply by strengthening our own security. As a result, companies are increasing the need to increase the security of their supply chains.

Under these circumstances, KLab, which provides many popular mobile games such as “Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team” and “BLEACH Brave Soul”, has decided to use Tenable’s cloud-based vulnerability management product to deepen the trust of its business partners. Introduced

Mr. Hiroshi Kihira, Information System Group, KLab Engineering Headquarters, Mr. Akira Fude, Technical Public Relations Group, Infrastructure Group, KLab Engineering Headquarters I asked

Mr. Kihira is mainly in charge of operation management of internal systems, and Mr. Fude is mainly in charge of operation management of “Amazon Web Services” (AWS), which is used as infrastructure for services.

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