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The expert told how the Microsoft search engine can become the market leader

Cyberexpert Zykov: Microsoft search engine can become the market leader due to chatbots

MOSCOW, Feb 8 – PRIME. The Bing search engine (Microsoft company) due to the introduction of chat bots based on artificial intelligence into it can become the market leader in search engines, Vladimir Zykov, director of projects at ANO Digital Platforms, told RIA Novosti.

Microsoft announced the introduction of tools based on artificial intelligence in its Bing search engine and Internet browser Edge. After the presentation, there were suggestions on the network that a neural network chat bot based on the OpenAI language model, GPT-4, was added to the search. Earlier in late January, Microsoft said it was investing “billions of dollars” in ChatGPT chatbot maker OpenAI. According to Bloomberg, the investment could reach $10 billion.

“Microsoft, due to the neural network chatbot, can dramatically improve its position in the search engine market, or even become a leader. The question is, what is their head start now and how quickly Google can catch up with them,” Zykov said.

The expert recalled that Google has already entered this race and recently introduced the Bard chatbot for search, created on the basis of the LaMDA neural network.

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